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New faces, new duties

JOE S. RAMIREZ, Vice President for Student Services

A career in student services has led Joe S. Ramirez to the post of vice president for student services at Mission College. Coming most recently from Oxnard College, where he was dean of student services, Ramirez has worked in the areas of counseling, retention, matriculation, and student support at several other colleges, including Rio Hondo and Cal Lutheran University.

Ramirez’s first few months on the job coincided with the fall semester registration period, giving him plenty of exposure to that particular student service.

“The work that they (Admission and Records) do is very important because it’s often the first impression that new students get of the college,” he said.

The unit, he said, does excellent work with limited staff but, in the future, staff from other student service units may have to be cross-trained to assist during the registration period. “But at some point down the road, I think we’re going to see a need to beef up the staff,” he added.

Ramirez feels strongly that conflicts, be they student-to-student or student-to-faculty, can be resolved if both parties believe they’ll be treated fairly by the arbitrator...a role he will often fill.

“The key is working with people, giving them a lot of attention, and assuring all parties that they will be treated justly,” he said.

– BY EDUARDO PARDO / Photo: Lydia Chung