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New faces, new duties

JOHN GLAVAN, Director, Self-Study for Accreditation

It happens every seven years. And depending on your outlook, it can be a time of dread or one of excitement.

Mission College is entering its accreditation renewal period and John Glavan, an adjunct instructor in speech, has been selected to lead the process he expects will lead to recertification in 2007.

Glavan, who holds a Master’s degree from Pepperdine University, is currently working on his doctorate in education from Oregon State University (via distance learning). The focus of his studies is community college leadership and a major component is accreditation. He now hopes to apply that learning to the real task of Mission College accreditation.

The first step is the self study, where all facets of the college are examined.

“It pretty much covers the campus from A to Z,” he explained. “Every service we provide to students has to be examined in the self-study to determine if it meets the standards of the (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).”

Separate committees will examine four standards: institutional mission and effectiveness; student learning programs and services; resources (human, physical, technological and financial); and leadership and governance. Subcommittees examine more specific aspects of those standards, Glavan explained.

This year-long phase of the process ends next summer, with completion of a draft self-study. Glavan and Mission College will then share the findings with the accrediting panel and respond to their requests. The process culiminates with a visit to the campus in spring 2007 by the committee.

“The accreditation process will affect everyone on this campus,” he said. “That’s why we want as much participation as possible.”

– BY EDUARDO PARDO / Photo: Lydia Chung