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February 9, 2004
War in the time of peace for Shiloh Scheib

For Gerald Scheib
, retirement meant going to war.

Sort of.

Scheib gave up full time teaching in 2001. And although he continues to teach art classes at Mission College as an adjunct instructor, he found himself with a lot of extra time after retirement…enough time to re-live history.

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Photo montage of Gerald Scheib with his grandfather's portrait and family's treasured books, and Alice Lal talking with a child at the child development center.

Retirement may be the end of a career. But quite often, it's the start of something new. For Gerald Scheib (above left), it meant a chance to experience history. For Alice Lal, leaving the child development center after 29 years opens the door for a return to her native India.

Start a child center here… launch a college in India – that’s Alice for you!

Alice Lal remembers that day in 1975 as if it were yesterday.

She had been appointed director of the child development center at the brand new Mission College and her first task was to find a site for the center.

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Photo of Kimberly James and George Gonzalez applying a sling on Hy Tang during a CERT medical training session.

Kimberly James (left) and George Gonzalez practice applying a sling on Hy Tang.

Mission College employees prepare for the next disaster

As Southern California marked the 10th anniversary of the Northridge earthquake last month, a group of 50 Mission College employees began training to prepare for the next big one.

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  S P O R T S   U P D A T E

Women’s softball team better balanced in 2004

Photo of women's softball team co-captain Samantha Dempsey batting during practice.

Co-captain Samantha Dempsey

With the women’s softball program about to begin its second year, coach Kelly Lovato looks for a more balanced squad this year.

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Eagles hope experience makes the difference

Photo of Chris Tawil pitching during baseball practice.

Pitcher Chris Tawil

When Mission College men’s baseball team entered conference play last year, it was akin to hitting a brick wall.

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Photo of Mission College alumni Eddie Martinez.

A L U M N I   N E W S

Photo of Mission College alumni Eddie Martinez.

It's the place to be... for now

Someday, Eddie Martinez will return to his native California. But for now, New York’s the place to be for the Mission College alum.

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