April 26, 2002


(From the staff and children of
Los Angeles Mission College Campus Child Development Center)

Everything Grows

As in the song "Everything Grows," by the children's musician Raffi, people, animals, plants and relationship with each other are on a continual path of development. Thus was our theme for the Week of the Young Child, "Everything Grows." The children created an art canvas to represent the special relationship between plants and insects. They studied how bees help pollinate plants and how a ladybug's diet of aphids keeps a plant healthy.

From the beginning of the school year our ongoing theme was to promote the relationship between the parent and the child. We sent home activities for parents and children to do together. During the Week of the Young Child, each day the Center set up activities to foster the bond between the parent and child. One highlight of this theme was when we ask each parent or family to write about why their child was special. Each essay was unique, endearing and precious. I would like to take this time to thank the parents and staff at Mission College Child Development Center for making both themes a success.

Ife Ayetoaje Keller, Evening Teacher


The Learning Tree!

Did you ever stop to think about what our world would be like without trees? Trees serve many purposes. Last September our class decided to make a rather large tree for the enormous bulletin board in our classroom. The children painted butcher paper brown for the trunk and branches. We learned the different parts of a tree. Some of the children noticed that all trees were not the same; others observed that the leaves were different in size, color and texture. As the season changed so did our "special tree." As we explored the outdoors the children noticed different kinds of insects and flowers. This was a great opportunity to make various insects, like ants, spiders, ladybugs, and butterflies from egg cartons. On the balcony at LAMC CCDC, the staff traced the children's bodies; the children painted their own features and clothes.

This has been a learning experience for both the children and staff.

Gloria Estrada        Maria Limas        Martha Moran        Maria Nevarez

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