Cable Channel LA36

(In the City of Los Angeles)

Video broadcasts are available on LA cable channel LA36. The broadcast schedule is below.

Broadcast Schedule Summer 2010

Broadcast Schedule Fall A 2010

Broadcast Schedule Fall B 2010


All videos are closed captioned.

Buy the DVD Videos

Videos may be purchased at the LA Pierce College , LA Mission College , and the LA Southwest College Bookstores.

Watch the Videos on Campus

Videos may be viewed at the Learning Resource Centers of

Los Angeles City College
East Los Angeles College
Los Angeles Harbor College
Los Angeles Mission College
Los Angeles Pierce College
Los Angeles Southwest College
Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
Los Angeles Valley College
West Los Angeles College

You must bring your Student ID or Registration fee receipt to watch the videos.


Video Streaming

If you have access to High Speed broadband you can watch the videos using streaming video.

What does streaming video mean?

Streaming Video is a way of transmitting video content over the internet.

ITV streams video and audio over the internet on students request to view individual video and audio streams on-demand. Only students who are enrolled in a class that uses streaming media may view videos anytime they are connected to the internet with high speed broadband, as long as they are using a computer that meets the streaming video requirements listed below.

Video Streaming can also be purchased at:

To view the streaming media at ITV's Website:

1. You must be currently enrolled in an ITV class.

2. You must have a high speed broadband internet connection.

3. You must have the latest Quicktime Player (version 7 or higher) installed on your computer.

4. You must use a 32 bit browser. Approved browsers are Firefox , and Internet Explorer 32 bit .

    Windows 7 and Vista 64 bit  have a 64 bit version of Internet Explorer. Quicktime will not work with it.

   Video size: 320 x 240,      Video Bit Rate: 112 Kbps
    Click Here to Test Your Computer

5. You must login using your password.

    Username: first two digits of your first name, first two digits of your last name and last 5 digits of your Student ID.

    Password: Month and Day of your birthdate in MMDD format.

When you are ready to proceed to the ITV login window click here.