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The Writer's Circle (Thea Writer's Cicrle)

English 101

The Writer’s Circle is a college-level English composition course that introduces the basic approaches to essay writing:  narration, description, observation, analysis, argument, evaluation, and research.  

All videos are closed captioned.

Lessons 1 - 7

Lesson 1 - Exploring the Process
Introduces the writing recursive process, focusing on invention, delivery and revision.

Lesson 2 -  Explaining Relationships
Examines narration and description in writing: developing a thesis, exploring beginnings, paragraphing and conclusions.

Lesson 3 -  Observing Details
Explains the importance of observation: describing unique details of a subject and communicating them in sharp, particular detail.

Lesson 4 - Analyzing Concepts
Explores the meaning of concepts underlying various events and institutions.

Lesson 5 - Analyzing Images
Examines images to explore their relationship to and impact on viewers.

Lesson 6 - Building Arguments
Provides the basic tools of argument: thesis; evidence, examples and appeals; counterarguments, concessions and qualifiers.

Lesson 7 - Responding to Arguments
Develops techniques to respond to existing arguments external to the writer.

Lessons 8 - 13

Lesson 8 - Evaluating and Organizing
Introduces evaluation skills for argumentative writing.

Lesson 9 -  Integrating Research
Provides guidelines for research using MLA or APA format.

Lesson 10 -  Searching for Causes
Investigates the causes of behaviors, events or trends.

.Lesson 11 -  Imagining Solutions
Analyzes the causes of a problem, and applies the elements of argument to seeking out solutions.

Lesson 12 - Discovering Voice
Interprets the skills necessary to judge and respond to works of art.

Lesson 13 - Thinking Radically
Communicates an effort to escape conventional thought patterns to imagine and write about something outside common intellectual activity.