How to Log in to Etudes

Step 1. Where do I go to log on to this course?

  • After you read these three steps and watch the tutorials click on the Login button
  • Click on the session link for your term (i.e. Winter 2006, Inter-Session).
  • Click on the link for your course.

Step 2. What is my Username?

In lowercase letters and with no spaces:

  • use the first 2 letters of your first name
  • and the first 2 letters of your last name
  • and the last 5-digits of your student ID#

For Example: Jane Logan, student ID# 123 45 6789

Username: jalo56789

Step 3. What is my Password?

Using four numbers together with no spaces:
  • use two numbers for your birth month
  • and use two numbers for the birth day
Example: if your birth date was January 3

Password: 0103

Step 4. Write your Username and Password down and save this information.

Tutorial Videos:

If you are new to ETUDES-NG, we strongly recommend that you take a few moments to view the following demonstration videos which will help you to quickly learn your way around your online course.
You Need Flash to View Tutorials

The has been disabled in the tutorials
Tutorials Courtesy of Sarah Phinney at Porterville College

E-mail your instructor once you have successfully logged in to the course.

Contact information for your instructor can be found on the course information page for your course in the Schedule of Classes.

NOTE TO AOL USERS: Launch either an Internet Explorer or a Netscape browser after you connect using AOL and minimize the AOL Browser. DO NOT USE THE AOL BROWSER.