If you reside within the City of Los Angles or any of the communities immediately adjoining Los Angeles you are considered a local resident and you are expected to complete your midterm and final exam(s) with your instructor(s) on the day, time and locations listed on the class schedule (also posted at That means you do not need this form. Students who complete this form and live within the City of Los Angeles and immediately adjoining cities will have their form denied and returned.
If you live out of the area you may use this form in order to be proctored by an
appropriate proctor. It is the responsibility of the student to verify that the proctor meets the requirements listed for acceptable proctors. If they do not meet the requirements, the form will be denied and returned to the student.
Exams can only be mailed to the institution where the proctor is employed as an educator. They cannot be mailed to a proctor's home address. If any other address is provided, exams will not be mailed and the Student/Proctor Agreement form will be denied and returned to you. It is the student's responsibility to verify that the correct address is provided by the proctor.
It is the student's responsibility to
return the completed proctor form to ITV/The Weekend College by the second Friday from the start date of the course. Students who fail to return the proctor form by the stated due dates will be denied the privilege of being proctored, and the form will be returned.
Students with questions or comments regarding proctored exams or this form need to Contact ITV/The Weekend College at 818/833-3594.
All students who request a proctor must live outside of the City of Los Angles and immediately adjourning communities.  It is the students responsibility to complete the proctor agreement form.
The proctor form must be completed and received by the Distance Learning Department on or before the 2
nd Friday of the course.   Completion of the Proctor Agreement Form ensures ITV/The Weekend College that the registered student has selected a proctor (examination supervisor), who meets the criteria, to administer the midterm and final examinations. Both the student and proctor must adhere to the examination dates for the midterm and final listed on the assignment sheet in the student's syllabus or class website. For the student who is proctored, the midterm and final examinations will not be taken on campus. 
The proctor must be a teacher, librarian, an administrator from a community college, university, elementary/secondary school, test administrator, OR an Educational Services Officer from the U.S. Military. The individual stated as the proctor cannot be a relative of the student, nor live at the same address as the student as that would jeopardize or violate the academic honesty policy of the Los Angeles Community District. A proctor may not be a current student in the Los Angeles Community College District, or a relative of a current student.
ITV/The Weekend College reviews each proctor agreement form and will determine if the criteria has been met. If the criteria have not been met, the student will be notified for the next appropriate action. The signed form is a binding agreement between the proctor and the college to ensure confidentiality and academic integrity through proper administration of examinations. The proctor is expected to prevent acts of academic dishonesty including, but not limited to: cheating, plagiarism, stealing or copying an exam, and/or engaging in collusion.
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