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Dietary Services Supervisor


Helping Others

If you enjoy working with people and you're interested in a career that combines healthcare, nutrition and the culinary arts, consider the Dietary Services Supervisor option at Mission College.

A dietary services supervisor is responsible for meeting the nutritional needs of the elderly and those requireing nursing care. Working with a Registered Dietitian, a dietary services supervisor helps prepare patients' meas, handles purchasing of dietary items and supervises the kitchen.

Our Dietar Services Supervisor program is accredited and approved by the California State Department of Health Services.


The Dietary Services Supervisor Option

Our program is designed for either the full time or part time student. Completion of the courses listed below will qualify you to work as a Dietary Services Supervisor. They are listed in a recommended sequence by semester. Some courses are offered on-line. See the college Schedule of Classes for more information

Semester 1

(Note: Semester 1 courses are offered every semester.)

FCS/FSM 50 Sanitation & Safety*
FSM 101 Food Production I
FSM 21 Nutrition
FSM 108 Internship†

*Meets L.A. County Food Handler Certificate Requirement

Semester 2
FCS 26 Modified Diets
FSM 106 Food & Beverage Cost Control/Records
FCS 109 Food Service Management, Supervision & Training
FCS 108 Internship†

†Internships are supervised field experiences typically served at local care facilities. If you are already working at a facility, part of your experience may be done at your place of emplyment.