Curriculum Meeting Agenda

December 7, 2010


         Minutes (11-16-10)

Old Business

New Business

Course Updates

         Law 16 (D. Jordan)

         Law 19


         Art 102 (D. Paulsen)

o   Advisory (English 101)


         Art 103 (D. Paulsen)

o   Advisory (English 28)

o   Advisory (ESL 8)


         Poli Sci 185 (E. Durukan)

         Poli Sci 285

         Poli Sci 385

New Courses


Tech Review

Addition of District Courses

Distance Ed


Advanced Course Request

Course Change Request

Course Cross-Listing Request

Certificates/Skill Certificates

Degree Option

New Programs

Program Changes

Other Business

         Curriculum meeting during January

         LACCD AA for transfer to CSU

         Thinking like the Legislative Analyst Office (LAO)


Previous Curriculum Meetings