Curriculum Meeting Agenda                            


November 15, 2011

·         Agenda


I.      Approval of Minutes November 1, 2011                                                                                                

II.    Old Business

A.   Course Update

B.   New Program

C.   Program Update


III.   New Business

A.   Course Update

·         CAOT  86                                      (P. Flood)


B.   Addition of District Course

·         CAOT  92                                      (P. Flood)

·         CAOT  105

·         CAOT  150

o   Advisory (CAOT 82)


C.   New Course

D.   Addition of a District Course

E.    Cross-Listing Request

F.    New Program

G.   Program Change

·         General Studies-Arts and Humanities Emphasis             (M. Hernandez)                      

·         General Studies-Soc. and Behavioral Emphasis

·         Liberal Arts-Arts and Humanities Emphasis                    

·         Liberal Arts-Soc.and Behavioral Emphasis


H.   Distance Learning

I.      Archive                                                          


IV.  Other Business

V.    Committee Reports

A.   Curriculum Dean                                                (N. Swerdlow)

B.   Curriculum Chair                                                (S. Pazirandeh)

C.   IGETC/GE Breadth/Articulation                       (M. Hernandez)



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