Curriculum Meeting Agenda                            


November 6, 2012


I.      Approval of Minutes, October 16, 2012


II.    Public Address

III.   Old Business

A.   Course Updates


IV.  New Business

A.   Course Updates

·         Art 304                                          (B. Kerwin)

o   Prerequisite (Art 300)


·         Art 305                                          (B. Kerwin)

o   Prerequisite (Art 304)


·         Biology 185                                   (M. Reynolds)

·         Biology 285

·         Biology 385


·         Chicano Studies 58                       (J. Maldonado)


·         Math 112                                       (T. Mkrtchyan)

o   Prerequisite (Math 105)


B.   New Courses

·         Chicano Studies 70                       (J. Maldonado)


C.   Addition of a District Course

D.   Archive Courses

E.    Program Updates

F.    Program Inactivation

G.   New Programs

H.   Course Reinstatement

I.      Cross-Listing Request


V.    Committee Reports

A.   Curriculum Chair                                          (S. Pazirandeh)

B.   Curriculum Dean                                          (N. Swerdlow)

C.   IGETC/GE Breadth/Articulation                 (M. Hernandez)


VI.  Other Business

A.   Distance Education Approval process           (S. Pazirandeh)


VII. Next Meeting      

·         November 20, 1:30–3:00pm, LRC 205


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