Curriculum Materials

October 9, 2007

·        Agenda

·        Minutes (9-11-07)

Old Business

·        Learning Skills 3C                                      (Phoebe Rivera)

·        Anthro 104 (Same as Linguistics 1)             (Arthur Gribben)

Course Updates

New Course Request

New Courses

Addition of District Courses

·        Math 123 (Prereq. Math 112)                    (Abdo Malki)

·        Module Request                                         (Abdo Malki)

·         Math 123A (Prereq. Math 112); Math 123B (Prereq. Math 123A); Math 123C (Prereq. Math 123B)      (Abdo Malki)

Distance Ed


Certificates/Skill Certificates

Degree Option

Course Change Request

Program Changes

·        New Requirements for AA degree in Math

Other Business

·        New procedure and Application for Approval of DE course            (David Jordan & Said Pazirandeh)

·        Rubric for evaluation of DE courses                                                (Paul McKenna)

·        Approval of SLO’s through Curriculum Committee                         (Pat Flood)

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