Curriculum Meeting Agenda                            


October  2, 2012


I.      Approval of  Minutes, September 18, 2012


II.    Public Address

III.   Old Business


IV.  New Business

A.   Course Updates

         Accounting 1                                       (A. Espinoza / P. Flood)


         Business 1                                           (V. Bernal)

         Marketing 21

         Management 33


         Child Dev 14                                       (J. Silver)

         Child Dev 23

o   Prerequisite (Child Dev 22)


         Child Dev 60

         Child Dev 172


         Music 111                                           (T. Sparfeld / G. Aviles-Rodriguez)



B.   Addition of a District Course

        Art 92                                                  (D. Paulsen / G. Aviles-Rodriguez)


        Physics 38                                          (R. Rains / S. Pazirandeh)

o   Prerequisite (Math 266)

o   Prerequisite (Physics 37)

        Physics 39

o   Prerequisite (Math 266)

o   Prerequisite (Physics 38)


C.   Archive

         FCS 22                                                (L. Zandalasini)

         FCS 34

         Music 701                                           (T. Sparfeld)


D.   Program Update

         AA Child Development                    (L. De Silva)

o   CCC-511 Non-substantial Change to Previously Approved Program

o   Certificate Options




E.    Program Inactivation

F.    New Programs

G.   New Courses

H.   Course Reinstatement

I.      Cross-Listing request


V.    Committee Reports

A.   Curriculum Chair                                          (S. Pazirandeh)

B.   Curriculum Dean                                          (N. Swerdlow)

C.   IGETC/GE Breadth/Articulation                 (M. Hernandez)


VI.  Other Business

A.   DE Approval Process (notice)                        (S. Pazirandeh)

B.   Tech Review Retreat - Oct. 19th


VII. Next Meeting       October 16, 2012        LRC 205



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