Curriculum Meeting Agenda                            


September 3, 2013

Approval:       Minutes, May 21, 2013


I.      Public Address

·         Welcome and Introduction                        S. Pazirandeh

II.    Old Business


III.   New Business

A.   Course Updates

·         FSM 50                                                     L. Eguaras


·         History 12  (UC transferability)                D. Phares


·         Physics 39            (Prerequisite change)            R. Rains


·         Dev Com 36, 36A, 36B                            S. Polk


B.   New Course

C.   Addition of District Course

D.   Archive Courses

E.    Course Reinstatement

F.    Program Updates

G.   New Programs

H.   Program Inactivation

I.      Distance Ed

J.    Cross-Listing Request


IV.  Committee Reports

A.   Curriculum Chair                                          S. Pazirandeh

B.   IGETC/GE Breadth/Articulation                 M. Hernandez

C.   Acting Curriculum Dean                              VPAA  M. Allen


V.    Other Business

·         Curriculum Submissions (Steps for Success)     S. Pazirandeh

·         Prerequisite Change form                                                S. Pazirandeh



VI.  Next Meeting  September 17, 2013


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