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June 9, 2008

·        Agenda

Old Business

Course Updates

·        Psychology 1                                              (M. Mekelburg)

·        Prerequisite change for English 21               (C. Daly)

New Course Request

New Courses

Addition of District Courses

Distance Ed


Certificates/Skill Certificates

·        Basic Police Academy Preparation                       (K. Enos)

·        Business Communication                                        (P. Flood)

·        Dietary Services Supervisor                                    (E. Cantrel)

·        Food Services Management                                   (E. Cantrel)

Degree Option

·        Administration of Justice (AA)                                 (K. Enos)

·        Finance 1,2 (AA)                                                       (P. Flood)

·        Food Service Mgmt & Related Tech. (AA)            (E. Cantrel)

·        Health Sciences (AA)                                               (S. Pazirandeh)

·        Management (AA)                                                    (P. Flood)

·        Physical Sciences (AA)                                           (S. Pazirandeh)

·        Small Business Management (AA)                         (P. Flood)

Course Change Request

Program Changes

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