Curriculum Meeting Agenda                            


May 1, 2012

·         Agenda


I.      Approval of Minutes April 17, 2012


II.    Old Business

A.   Course Updates

·         Physics 6                                                 (R. Rains)

o   Prerequisite (Math 123C)

o   Prerequisite (Math 125)

o   Advisory (Math 240)


III.   New Business

B.   Course Updates

·         Physics 7                                                 (R. Rains)

o   Prerequisite (Physics 6)


·         Chicano 47                                             (J. Morales)


·         Chemistry 51                                          (S. Pazirandeh)

o   Prerequisite (Math 115)

·         Chemistry 65                                          (M. Fenton)

o   Prerequisite (Math 123C)

o   Prerequisite (Math 125)

·         Chemistry 101

o   Prerequisite (Math 125)

o   Prerequisite (Math 123C)

o   Prerequisite (Chemistry 65 or successful completion of readiness exam)


·          CAOT 6                                                   (P. Flood)


C.   Addition of a District Course

·         CAOT 20                                                  (P. Flood)


D.   Archive

·         Photo 9A, 9B, 21, 21A, 21B                 (D. Paulsen)


·         Engineering 185, 285, 385                  (T. Mkrtchyan)


E.   Course Reinstatement

F.    Program Changes

G.   New Programs

H.   New Courses

I.      Cross-Listing request


IV.  Committee Reports

A.   Curriculum Chair                                        (S. Pazirandeh)

B.   Curriculum Dean                                        (N. Swerdlow)

C.   IGETC/GE Breadth/Articulation              (M. Hernandez)


V.   Other Business

Repeatability Changes


Previous Curriculum Meetings