Curriculum Meeting Agenda                            


April 1, 2014

Approval:  Minutes March 18, 2014


I.      Public Address

II.    Old Business

III.   New Business

A.    Course Updates

·         Cinema 3                G. Aviles-Rodriguez


·         Management 13       V. Bernal


B.    New Course

C.    Archive Courses

D.    Program Update

E.    New Program

F.    Distance Learning

G.    Course Reinstatement

H.    Program Inactivation


IV.   Committee Reports

A.    Curriculum Chair                                             S. Pazirandeh

B.    IGETC/GE Breadth/Articulation                        M. Hernandez

C.    Acting Curriculum Dean                                   VPAA  M. Allen


V.    Other Business

1.     LACCD GE Plan (action item)                             S. Pazirandeh

2.     Determination of GE Requirement area               M. Hernandez

3.     Required elements of COR                                S. Pazirandeh

4.     Course Discrepancy Issue (update)                    S. Pazirandeh

5.     Revision of future committee meeting schedule              S. Pazirandeh

6.     April 25th ECD workshop                                    K. Enos



VI.   Next Meeting  April 15, 2014    CMS 222

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