Curriculum Materials

March 6, 2007

·        Agenda

·        Minutes (2-13-07)

Old Business

Course Updates

·        FSM 125 (Sandi Lampert)

·        Non-Credit ESL 1 ; ESL 2; ESL CE1; ESL CE2 (Guadalupe Jara)

New Course Request

New Courses

·        VESL Employment (Guadalupe Jara)

Addition of District Courses

·        PE 673 (Cindy Cooper)

Distance Ed

·        Child Development 1 (Jan Silver)


Certificates/Skill Certificates

Degree Option

Course Change Request

·        Supervised Learning Assistance (Phoebe Rivera)

Program Changes

Other Business

·        New proposal for approval of online courses (David Jordan)

·        Storage of old Tech Review and Curriculum files

Previous Curriculum Meetings