Curriculum Materials

March 3, 2009

·        Agenda

·        Minutes (2-17-09)

Old Business

Course Updates

·        Child Dev 2                                                            (J. Silver)

·        Art 700 (Prereq. Art 502)                                      (D. Paulsen)

·        FCS 26 (Prereq. FCS 21, FSM or FCS 50)          (E. Cantrell)

New Courses

Addition of District Courses

Distance Ed


Advanced Course Request

Certificates/Skill Certificates

Degree Option

Course Change Request

Program Changes

Other Business

·        AJ – Procedures and Petition for Credits for Law Enforcement Academy Training         (M. Hernandez, K. Enos)

·        Revision of Online Approval Process

·        E-103 – Repetition of Activity Courses


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