Curriculum Meeting Agenda                            

January 18, 2011


         Minutes 12-7-10

Old Business

         Political Science 185                (E. Durukan)

         Political Science 285

         Political Science 385

New Business

Course Updates


New Courses


Tech Review


         Art 101   (Advisory: Eng 101)        (D. Paulsen)

         Art 111   (Advisory: Eng 101)

         Art 202   (Prereq: Art 201)

         Art 203   (Prereq: Art 202

         Art 703  (Prereq: Art 502; Art 701)


Addition of District Courses

Distance Ed


Advanced Course Request

Course Change Request

Course Cross-Listing Request

Certificates/Skill Certificates

Degree Option

New Programs

Program Changes

Other Business

         Repeatability of Courses (E-103)

         SB 1440 CSUN Similar Degree Process Memo

         Review of ITV Course Approval Process (E-90)

Previous Curriculum Meetings