Welcome To The Career Center!

The Career Center provides varied career counseling services and information on career exploration. Students who visit the Center will receive assistance with developing career objectives, career/major options, and career guidance. In addition, an on-line reference Career Library will assist you with career exploration and major options. Campus services also include personal development classes, workshops, and computer resources such as EUREKA. To learn more about this computer program you can create a Los Angeles Mission College student account using the Campus Site ID Code and use its services for free. Some of the services provided by this program are career/major exploration information, self-assessments, and a letter/resume writer (Resume Writing). The Career Center can also assess student values, interests, strengths, and abilities through career assessments (Exp: Self-Directed Search, and Work Values). A Career Counselor may administer and interpret career assessments results if you are in need of this service (My Career Situation Survey & Career Counseling Intake Form). You may also find these Career Resources as useful tools in your major and career exploration journey. To find out about additional campus services browse through Student Services. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.




The Transfer & Career Center will be closed for the Summer until further notice.  For any questions Visit or Call General Counseling at (818) 364-7655 / (818) 364-7656.