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Counseling Courses

PD 4 Career Planning (1 unit - CSU transferable)
Prerequisite: None - Note: Class graded credit/no-credit.
Designed to assist students in choosing a major or vocational choice. Students will explore their interests, skills, and values through the use of career and vocational assessments. Students will access information regarding occupational characteristics, employment trends and labor market updates.


PD 6 College & Career Planning for the Handicapped (1 unit - CSU transferable)
Prerequisite: None
Introduces the disabled to the world of work. Includes discussions of disabilities in relation to educational and vocational goals, job preference survey, career choice research, locating and applying for jobs, resume writing, interviewing and on-the-job communication skills.


PD 17 College Survival Skills Development (1 unit - CSU transferable)
Prerequisite: None - Note: Class graded credit/no-credit.
This course covers a variety of academic survival skills including familiarization with college support services, time management, memory, reading, note-taking, testing techniques, and stress reduction. Included will be identifying different learning, educational, and decision-making styles.


PD 22 The Transfer Process (1 unit - CSU transferable)
Prerequisite: None
This course covers the community college transfer process including college/university selection, admission, and application procedures for public and private institutions of higher education. Research utilizing the internet will be included.


PD 40 College Success Seminar (3 units - CSU transferable)
Prerequisite: None
This Course will explore issues related to higher education that impact students success. Topics will include an overview of academic success skills, value and purpose of higher education, college policies and procedures, ethics and responsibility, educational strategies and planning, interpersonal communication, career development and self-assessment techniques.