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Deborah Paulsen • Vice Chair, Professor • Studio Art 

Adam F. Scott • Assistant Professor • Studio Art

The Art Programs at Los Angeles Mission College include Associate Degrees for Transfer in Studio Art, Associate Degrees in Art, Painting, and Gallery and Museum Studies. The focus of our programs provides a foundation in drawing, design and visual literacy. Careers in art include: Curator, Museum Preparator, Gallery Owner, Artist, and Designer.

Art History

Tom Folland, Ph.D • Assistant Professor - Art History

Art History includes Associate Degrees for Transfer in Art History

Careers in art include: Art Historian, Art Critic, Curator

Interior Design

James Lemmon • Assistant Professor • Interior Design 

The Interior Design Program at Los Angeles Mission College is the only program of its kind offered at the nine Los Angeles Community College District campuses.  Our associates degree and certificate programs in Interior Design facilitate academic transfer to four-year institutions and provide a thorough and analytical foundation of the Interior Design field that will enable students to practice professionally and serve their community with safe, functional, and innovative interior spaces. Our comprehensive curriculum is intended to adapt to industry standards and changing economic conditions and is taught by highly qualified design professionals who prepare our students to perform in a variety of interior design occupations.



Curtis Stage • Department Chair/Professor • Multimedia/Photo

John Huynh • Associate Professor - Video Production & Cinema •

Multimedia prepares students for high-demand and high-wage careers in the entertainment and design industries. We offer degrees and certificates in animation, video production, and graphic & web design in our state-of-the art facility. We provide hands-on training from industry profesionals who promote teamwork, communication, and innovative creative thinking skills that are essential to landing highly competetitive jobs.


Joshua Wentz  D.M.A • Assistant Professor • Music

A degree in studio arts provides the foundation and can lead to many careers in art and design such as: artist, illustrator, graphic and web designer, photographer, animator, architect, interior designer, fashion and costume designer, product designer, set and exhibition designer, educator, art therapist, exhibition curator, art critic, art historian, museum preparator, and art conservator/restorer. 



Robert Cucuzza • Associate Professor • Theater

The core of the Theatre Arts program at LA Mission College are the productions that we present each semester. These fully-produced shows provide our students with many opportunities for practical experience in all areas of theatre production.

For production photos and complete information about each show, please visit our show website at



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