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Current Exhibition

Breathe In <> Breathe Out
Virtual Student Exhibition
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August 31 to October 31, 2020

Students were invited to create work that navigates, explores, explodes, and unpacks the notion of breathing.  From George Floyd’s alarming cries of “I can’t breathe,” to the fragile lungs of those affected with COVID 19, to the need for collective breathing to create serenity within a tense cultural space, to the personal and delicate notions of breath as an affirmation of the self.  This exhibition seeks to expand the notion of breathing as a cultural expression and cultural production.
Jillian Shea, Anny Martinez, Latisha Frias, Yuridia Pena, Alex Corzo, Aaron Montallana, Jay Krataithong, Jose Lopez, Jaime Franco, ANA CAROLINA LANUZA, Tyler Adams, Jewelya Garcia, Saul Salazar, Daniel Ramirez, Hailey Marie Carvajal, Jonathan Umanzor, Jameah L. Palmer , Juan Godinez, Ariana Robles, Sarah C Corral, Justin Ayala, Guia Cartena, Christopher Venegas


Surroundings - February 26th to April 3rd 

Opening Reception: February 26th 5pm to 9pm


Megan Geckler, Roberta Gentry, Katy Ann Gilmore, and Aili Schmeltz


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