Sunday, May 28, 2017
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Accreditation Timeline

FALL 2005
1. November/December
  • Individual Standards Committees meeting to gather relavant data for accreditation standards

2. February/March
  • Gather evidence and answer questions for standards
  • Write Rough Draft of Accreditation Standards Reports
3. April/May
  • Review rough draft of Self Study for inclusions and exclusions
4. June thru August (Summer 2006)
  • Edit Self Study for formal review
  • Gather pertinent Resources (i.e. Educational Master Plan, Program Reviews, and Catalogs etc.

FALL 2006
1. September
  • Present Self Study Draft to College faculty, staff and students for Professional Development Day 2006
2. October/November
Review of draft by
  • College Council
  • Academic Senate
  • Board of Trustees (Early December 2006)

1. January/February
  • Prepare Self Study for Review by visiting committee
  • Gather resources for visiting committee
2. March
  • Set up campus and sites for visiting committee