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Student Support Services Committee

Student Support Services Committee : Members


Student Support Services Committee

10 Voting Members

Member Position/Constituent Term
Larry Resendez Vice President, Student Services (Co-Chair)  
Ms. Ludi Villegas-Vidal Dean of Student Services   
Dennis Schroeder Financial Aid Manager  
Vacant Admissions and Records Manager or designee  
Diana Bonilla Faculty Rep. Appointed by Senate  
Vacant Faculty Rep. Appointed by Academic Senate (Co-Chair)  
Patrica Rodriguez Faculty Rep. Appointed by AFT  
Adrian Gonzalez Classified Staff Appointed by AFT Staff Guild 1521a  
Kelly William Enos 911 Teamster Representative  
Cassidy Fisher ASO Representative  

Resources to Student Support Services Committee

Carlos Gonzalez Dean of Student Success  
Pending CalWorks  
Pending DSPS  
Pending EOPS  
Wendy Rivera Outreach and Recruitment  
Vacant Dean of Academic Affairs  
Pending Veterans Resource Center  
Pending International Students  
Pending Career Center  
Pending Transfer Center  
Pending SAO/SLO Coordinator