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Online SLO System Instructions

 PDF Document  How to Post An Assessment Online     
PDF Document Abbreviated Online SLO Instructions PDF Document LA Mission College Online SLO System Instruction


Related SLO/PLO Documents

Blooms Taxonomy SLO Manual from College of the Canyons
More on Bloom's Brief Explanation Learning Outcomes
Introduction to SLOs, PLOs, ILOs and SAO's Assessment Rubric PowerPoint
Sample Syllabus Institutional Learning Outcomes
SLO References List of Common Assessment Tools
SLO Competencies Worksheet SLO Definitions


Word Document SLO/PLO Mapping Matrix  Word Document SLO/PLO Mapping Matrix - Sample 
Word Document Objectives vs. Outcomes Word Document Program Learning Outcomes Introduction Powerpoint
Word Document Who What Why and How of SLOs Word Document Intro to Writing Student Learning Outcomes
Word Document SLO Benefits Word Document Student Learning Outcome Checklist
Word Document SLOA Working Definitions Word Document Writing SLOs
Word Document Learning Outcomes and Samples Word Document SLO References
PDF Document Writing Program Learning Outcomes PDF Document Service Area Outcome Presentation for Student Services
PDF Document Student Learning Outcomes 101 PDF Document Service Area Outcome Guiding Questions
    PDF Document Program Outcomes PowerPoint


Related Assessment Documents

Word Document Assessment Guidelines and Resources PDF Document SLO Outcomes Assessment
Word Document Rubrics Developing and Using Word Document Guiding Questions for Developing the Assessment Plan
Word Document Methods of Assessment Word Document SLO Assessment Plan Template
PDF Document Identifying & Assessing PLOs PDF Document Program Learning Outcome WASC Rubric


Related ILO Documents

PDF Document ILO Assessment Team Co-Chairs PDF Document Oral Communication Outcomes Rubric
PDF Document LRC - Do you Know Your ILOs? PDF Document Written Communication Outcomes Rubric
PDF Document Institutional Learning Outcomes Survey   *For additional rubrics, see the Rubric Gallery in the online SLO system.