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Welcome to the LAMC AFT Faculty Guild Website!


Whether you are a seasoned instructor or a newly hired adjunct, you will find plenty of useful information regarding LAMC and District Guild issues on this webpage.


Take the time to become familiar with the links and documents posted on the left side of this page.


Moreover, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


In unity and with best wishes,


Vilma Bernal


LAMC - AFT Chapter President


9/27/2016 Guild Sponsored Tenure Review Workshop



Crisis Awareness & Response Training Presentation



Courage to Teach Retreat June 2015















2014:  September 30, October 28, November 25


2015: March 24, April 28 & May 26


Time: 12:00 pm light lunch and 12:30 pm to 1:30 meeting


Place: Faculty Dining Room, Culinary Art










Photos from the Nov. 27 and Dec. 4th Pro-Collegiality Pledge Signing Ceremony 


 Photos from the March 26th Guild Meeting





The Collegiality Pledge reads:

Collectively, we as union members are making a commitment and pledge to move toward a more collegial and

productive campus climate at Los Angeles Mission College.

We Pledge

ʉۢ to keep an open mind and put pre judgments aside when communicating with others;

ʉۢ to be mindful of our own actions and statements and the effect these have on others;
ʉۢ to resolve differences in a respectful manner, through open dialogue;
ʉۢ to speak out when witnessing bullying and to let it be known that this type of behavior is not tolerated;
ʉۢ to refrain from sending harassing, intimidating and/or threatening messages through electronic mail or other means as stated in the district E-76 regulation; and
 â€¢ to follow respectful email etiquette and to say “no” to group emails that harbor vicious attacks on colleagues by replying, “No, this is unacceptable.”

 We request that
• any reports of workplace bullying be treated seriously and investigated promptly, confidentially and impartially;
• all employees be encouraged to report workplace bullying, and any employee who make a complaint or witnesses a situation of bullying is not victimized;
• a formal conflict resolution group be established on campus, and that it be made up of union representation and administrators who will process complaints of bullying. Members of this group are to be formally trained in conflict resolution                     
• support be given by administration to spread the message of collegiality and anti-bullyism contained in this pledge.

Finally, we request that all members of the Mission College family be held accountable for bullish behavior.

This pledge is in support of the California Education Code, LACCD Board Rules, all union contracts and all college processes which are presently in place .

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Vilma Bernal

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