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Mathematics Department

Mathematics Department

Mathematics Flow Chart/Advisement

AB 705 Statistics/Liberal Arts Mathematics/Elementary Teacher (SLAM)​

Course List                        
Math 215 Principle of Mathematics I (3 Units/4 hours)                        
Math 227A Statistics I (2 Units/3 hours)                        
Math 227B Statistics II (2 Units/3 hours)                        
Math 227 Statistics (4 Units/5 hours)                        
Math 227S Statistics with Support (4 Units/6 hours)                        
Math 230 Mathematics for Liberal Arts Students (3 Units/4 hours)      


AB 705 Business or STEM Math Sequences (BSTEM)         


Course List

Math 134 Accelerated Elementary and Intermediate Algebra (6 Units/6 hours)                                
Math 238 Calculus for Business and Social Science I (5 units/6 hours)                                
Math 238C Calculus for Business and Social Science I with Corequisite (5 units/5 hours)                                
Math 238 L Just in Time Support for Calculus for Business and Social Science I (1 Unit/2 hours)                                
Math 240 Trigonometry (3 Units/3 hours)                                
Math 240S Trigonometry with Support (4 Units/5 hours)                                
Math 245 College Algebra (3 Units/3 hours)                                
Math 245C College Algebra with Corequisite (3 Units/3 hours)                                
Math 245L Just in Time Support for College Algebra (1 Unit/2 hours)                                
Math 260 Pre-Calculus (5 Units/5 hours)                                
Math 265 Calculus with Analytical Geometry I (5 Units/5 hours)                                
Math 266 Calculus with Analytical Geometry II (5 Units/5 hours)                                
Math 267 Calculus with Analytical Geometry III (5 Units/5 hours)                                
Math 270 Linear Algebra (3 Units/3 hours)                                
Math 275 Calculus with Differential Equations (3 Units/3 hours)                                
Math 272 Methods of Discrete Math (5 Units/5 hours)                                
*Co Sci 440 Programming in C++ (3 Units/3 hours)                                
*Co Sci 452 Programming in Java (3 Units/3 hours)