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Life Sciences : BioScholar Program - NSF HSI Award : Additional Study Materials & Resources to overcome Anxiety

Additional Study Materials & Resources to overcome Anxiety

Academic Excellence Workshop - Manual for facilitators
 Learn more about our Aacademic Excellence Workshop Manual

Biology Student Math Attitudes and Anxiety Programs
Skills to embrace math and succeed in biology

  Read about Videos, resources, and activities to
overcome anxity & changing attutudes

Learn more about our Guidebook for Studying and Learning in STEM​

Additional College Algebra Extra Worksheets

(Click on the links to get a printable pdf)

 Learn more about Basic Graph Functions
Learn more about Synthetic Division
Learn more about Division of Polynomials
Learn more about Exponential Growth 
Learn more about Graphing Exponential Functions
Learn more about Graphing Logarithmic Functions
Learn more about Identifying Parabolas
Learn more about Vortex Forms of Parabolas
Learn more about Polynomial End Behavior
Learn more about End Behavior Graphing
Learn more about Classifying Conic

Additional Trigonometry Extra Worksheets
(Click on the links to get a printable pdf)

 Learn more about the Unit Circle Chart
 Heres a Blank Unit Circle Chart to practice
Learn more about How to memorize the Unit Circle
Learn more about the Law of Cos-Sin
Learn more about Graphing Cos-Sin
Learn more about SOHCAHTOA
Learn more about Vectors

Biology Resources

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Be sure to readGuidebook for Studying and Learning in STEM


Open-access science videos about biology research and science-related topics.

Mozak is a scientific discovery game about neuroscience. Help us build models of brain cells, and help scientists learn more about the brain through your efforts!




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