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Academic Software Installation Request
Audio / Visual Reserve Request
Faculty Request for TLC
Faculty Survey Form
Learning Center Work Request
PLATO Access Request

PowerPoints and Handouts

In the Learning Center

Add TLC information to your paper syllabi or online syllabi.

Introduction to The Learning Center for Faculty

Access our Flex Day "Joining with Faculty to Provide Keys to Learning" presentation.


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Computer/Instructional Labs (LRC 205 & LRC 234)

Academic Software Installation Request Form


If you need your students to use academic software that is not currently installed in our Lab, you can request the software be installed. Make your reservation with Sheila Money, Learning Center Secretary, at least 3 weeks prior to your scheduled use date and submit an Academic Software Installation Request Form along with a copy of the software, documentation, and software license.


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Audio and Video Reserve Request

Audio / Visual Reserve Request Form


Your copies of video and audiotapes may be placed on reserve for students to use in the Learning Resources Center. Fill out a Tape Reserve Request form at the circular information counter in the Computer Commons.


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Workshop, Group Review, and Collaboration Request

Faculty Request for TLC Form


You can request one of our workshops or one tailored to your students' needs. Group Review Sessions can be created to help your students prepare for papers or tests. Collaborate with us to provide exercises, software, and writing workshops that will augment your in-class activities. Fill out a Faculty Request for TLC form at the information counter in the Computer Commons or online.


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Workshop Survey for Fiction & Poetry Classes

Faculty Survey Form


Please fill out the survey.


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Learning Center Work / Tech Support Request

Learning Center Work Request Form


You can request technical assistance for classes held in the 1st Floor of LRC (Computer Commons), report problems with software and hardware, or ask for other IT help in our Labs by filling out the Learning Center Work Request form.


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Instructional Software


PLATO Access Request

A basic introduction to using Plato is now online. To schedule a Plato: Creating Learning Paths for Students class for yourself or a group of faculty members, fill out a Faculty Request for TLC Form at the information counter or online. As a faculty member, you can request Group Coordinator access to PLATO by filling out the Plato Access Request Form at the Information Counter or online.


Longman Series Orientations

Longman Interactive software provides an integrated skills approach to learning grammar in context. Each level incorporates video and interactive exercises. Listening, speaking, pronunciation, and reading skills are covered.


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Learning Center PowerPoints and Handouts

Teaching Writing with the Emphasis Principle: PowerPoint presentation.

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