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Art History 101 -
Survey of Art History I

3 Units, (UC:CSU)
A survey of Western Art and Architecture from Pre- historic through Medieval periods; students develop perceptual and critical skills by analying the evoulution and function of art within historical, cultural, and philosophical cantexts.

Advisory: English 101


Anthropology 101 - Human Biological Evolution

3 Units, (UC:CSU)
Examination of the unifying principles of human evolution including: the basic principles of natural selection, the fossil record, the position of humans within the primate order, the features that make Homo sapiens unique.

Prerequisite: English 28 or ESL 8


Anthropology 102 - Human Ways of Life: Cultural Anthropology

3 Units, (UC:CSU)
Comparative survey of human culture, including the study of human society, language, religion, political and economic organization, with examples drawn from contemporary preliterate, peasant, and urban societies.
Prerequisites:English 28 or ESL 8

Communication Studies

Communication 101- Oral Communication 1

3 Units, (UC:CSU)
Introduction to tequiques of public speaking including writing and delivery of speeches to inform and persade.
Studnets refine critical thinking, research, organizational, and time management skills. They learn to adapt a
message to any audience and occasion.
Advisory: English 28



Economics 1 - Principles of Economics I
3 Units, (UC: CSU)
An introductory course in the principles of microeconomic theory, including economic analysis of the firm and resource allocation; analysis of the laws of supply and demand; market structures of the American economy; price theory; current domestic economic problems. 
Prerequisites: Math 115 or 123B
Video: Choices & Change: Microeconomics

Economics 2 - Principles of Economics II

3 Units, (UC: CSU)
This is an introductory course in the principles of macroeconomics theory. Measurement of aggregate economic performance, including GDP and national income, money and banking business cycle, role of government and the Federal Reserve System (fiscal and monetary policies), economic growth and stability, international trade, and economics of under development are covered in this course. 
Prerequisites: Math 115 or 123B 
Video: Choices & Change: Macroeconomics 


English 28 - Intermediate Reading and Composition

3 Units, (UC: CSU)
A course in reading and writing designed to strengthen the student's ability to use basic communication skills, including grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. Instruction will include the assignments of expository and argumentative essays, online grammar and writing exercises, and a research paper.

Prerequisites:  English 21 with a grade of "C" or better, or appropriate skill level demonstrated through ENL assessment process, or by permit.


English 101 - College Reading and Composition I

3 Units, (UC: CSU)
Develops proficiency in college-level reading and writing through the application of the principles of rhetoric and the techniques of critical thinking. Students will write expository essays based on college level readings. Emphasis is placed on the research paper. NOTE: This is the first freshman composition course that meets requirements for the BA at four-year colleges and universities, comprising intensive reading, writing of essays, term papers, the study of style, methods of discourse, logic, and documentation.
Prerequisites: English 28 with a grade of "C" or better, or appropriate score on College English Placement Exam. 
Video: The Writer's Circle
English 102 - College Reading and Composition II

3 Units, (UC: CSU)
This is an introduction to critical analysis of poetry, novels, short stories, and drama.  A variety of analytical strategies will be used to distinguish between deductive and inductive reasoning.  Emphasis is placed on writing a reseach paper.
Prerequisites: English 101 with a grade of "C" or better. 
Video: Literary Visions



Health 11 - Principles of Healthful Living

3 Units, (UC:CSU)
Offers health concepts to use today and tomorrow as guidelines for self-directed responsible living. Emphasis is placed on elating health concepts to the individual's well-being in personal, community, vocational and leadership roles.
Prerequisites: None. 
Video : The Human Condition 


History 11 - Political and Social History of the United States I

3 Units, (UC: CSU)
This course is a general survey of the social and political developments that shaped the history of the United States from pre-Columbian times to Reconstruction. Meets the American History and Institutions requirements for the California State University system and the Social and Behavioral Sciences requirements for all universities.
Prerequisites: None. 
Video: The Unfinished Nation, Part I


Mathematics 115 - Elementary Algebra

5 Units, (UC: CSU)
Explores the concepts of algebra including: linear equations, exponents, polynomial operations, rational expressions, factoring, linear graphs, systems of linear equations in two variables, radicals and quadratic equations. Covers strategies for interpreting and solving application problems that can be modeled using the above topics. 

Prerequisites: Mathematics 110 or Mathematics 112

Mathematics 125 - Intermediate Algebra

5 Units, (CSU)
Explores polynomials, rational expressions, quadratic functions, radicals, complex numbers, absolute value functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, systems of equations (two and three variables), inequalities, function operations and conics. Covers strategies for interpreting and solving application problems that can be modeled using the above topics along with graphing techniques for functions.

Prerequisites: Mathematics 115, Mathematics 123B, or appropriate score on Mathematics Placement Exam. 
Video: Intermediate Algebra: Modeling the World


Mathematics 227 - Statistics

4 Units, (UC: CSU)
Course covers descriptive statistics, basic probability theory and inferential statistics with emphasis on understanding statistics methods. Topics include summarizing data; descriptive statistics; probability; discrete distributions; continuous distributions; sampling distributions; estimation and confidence intervals; hypothesis testing and inference; correlation and linear regression; analysis of variance (ANOVA); chi-square and t-tests; applications using data from disciplines including business, social sciences, psychology, life science, health science, and education. The use of technology such as Excel, Minitab, or StatCrunch is integrated into the course to perform statistical analysis and the relevance of the statistical findings is interpreted. 

Prerequisites: Math 125 or 123C or Math 134 or Math 137
demonstrated through the Mathematics assessment process, or by permit

Video: Statistically Speaking


Philosophy 1 - Introduction to Philosophy

3 Units, (UC: CSU)
A survey of the fundamental questions about self, society, and the universe. Primary focus is on issues in metaphysics, theories of knowledge, moral theory, and philosophy of religion.
Prerequisites: Biology 3 or Biology 5, and Anatomy 1,and Chemistry 51 or Chemistry 65 or chemistry 101, and english 28 or ESL 8
Video: The Examined Life

Political Science

Political Science 1 - The Government of the United States

3 Units, (UC: CSU)
Principles, institutions, functions, and policy processes of the American Political System: including ideology and government; the constitution; federalism; Congress; the Presidency, the Judiciary; Civil Rights and Liberties; the media, elections and voting, political parties, interest groups. Also includes California government structure and constitution.
Prerequisites: None.
Video: Framework for Democracy


Psychology 1 - General Psychology I

3 Units, (UC: CSU)
This introductory psychology course covers biological foundations of behavior, various theoretical perspectives including learning, personality, and intelligence theories as well as experimental and research methodology.

Advisory:  English 28 or ESL 8


Psychology 41 - Life Span Psychology

3 Units, (UC: CSU)
An introduction to human development from infancy through old age, including basic psychological processes, emotional and social development as well as adjustments related to each phase of the life cycle. Special emphasis is given to social and cultural influences. 
Prerequisites: Psychology 1/ Advisory: English 28 or ESL8
Video: Transitions Throughout the Life Span


Sociology 1 - Introduction to Sociology

3 Units, (UC: CSU)
Presents an orientation to the field of sociology, including core sociological theories in the areas of socialization; the impact of social institutions such as the family, culture, religion, education, government; concepts of conformity and deviance; and the study of social inequalities in U.S. society due to race/ethnicity, sex, gender and age.
Prerequisites: None. 
Video: The Way We Live


Sociology 2 - American Social Problems

3 Units, (UC: CSU)
Sociological concepts and theories that explain a range of social problems in the US including: crime, drugs, immigration, poverty, racism, sexism, ageism, issues of social privilege, health care, the environment, educational inequalities, terrorism, and the potential solutions to these social problems. 

Prerequisites: None.

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