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Los Angeles Mission College serves the educational needs of our neighbors in the San Fernando Valley. Throughout our 30-year history, community support and involvement has been one of Mission College's most valued resources. We invite you to be part of Mission College!

We're located in Sylmar and have strong, historical ties to our neighboring communities of San Fernando, Pacoima, Mission Hills, North Hills, Panorama City and Granada Hills. In recent years, our enrollment base has expanded to include many of the communities throughout the greater San Fernando Valley, as well as Canyon Country and Santa Clarita.

Through the years we have continuously evolved our programs and services to keep pace with the culture in which we live and work. Our goal is to help our students acquire a complete array of physical, intellectual and social skills they can use to become healthy and productive citizens.

Healthy lifestyle and learning

 Students make decisions affecting their health and well being every day, and those decisions often lead to habits that stay with them throughout their lives. Research shows that students who participate in physical activities on a regular basis learn new skills and improve performance, while gaining the self-discipline to excel in individual and group activities. Physical fitness promotes mental alertness and the ability to concentrate. Additionally, physical fitness helps students to manage stress and express emotions in a healthy way; thus encouraging positive relations with family and peers.

Healthy lifestyle and productivity

 There is no doubt that daily lifestyle practices exert a profound impact on short- and long-term health and quality of life. Moreover, recent data proves that there is a direct correlation between health and productivity: high levels of stress, excessive body weight, and health risk factors such as smoking, poor diet and substance abuse are associated with illness-related absenteeism and increased health care costs.

Our Mission

 The mission of the Health, Fitness and Athletic Complex is to create a healthy environment that engages students, staff and community members in the pursuit of health and physical fitness. With a facility such as this, the emphasis is on enjoying exercise for its own sake and learning fitness habits for life. This means that students have a place where they can focus on lifetime fitness goals and individual achievement, and community members can find opportunities to improve their health and well-being. 

Fitness Center

Eagles Fitness Spring 2018 Program Prices
Prorated Prices
Community $45
Student $25 (Students must be enrolled in the Spring semester)



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12890 Harding St., Sylmar, CA 91342

(818) 364-7891



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