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Facilities & Planning Committee

Facilities & Planning Committee : Members


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Facilities Planning Committee

15 Voting Members




Andy Good

Director of College Facilities  (Co-Chair)


Marla Uliana for Nicole Albo-Lopez

Vice President of Academic Affairs


Reagan Romali

Vice President of Administrative Services


Larry Resendez

Vice President of Student Services


Robert Cucuzza

Faculty Representative Appointed by Senate

 2020/2022 (Third Term)

Veronica Diaz-Cooper

Faculty Representative Appointed by Senate

 2020/2022 (Third Term)

Steven Nerud

Faculty Representative Appointed by Senate 

 2020/2022 (First Term)

Lilamani De Silva

Faculty Representative Appointed by AFT 

 2020/2022 (First Term)

Ebru Durukan

Faculty Representative Appointed by AFT  (Faculty Co-Chair)

 2020/2022 (Second Term)

Christopher Williams

Faculty Representative Appointed by AFT

 2020/2022 (Third Term)

Erandy Miranda-Peregrino

ASO Appointee

2020/2022 (First Term)

Oliva Sanchez

Classified Appointed by the President

 2019/2021 (Third Term)

Rosalie Torres

Classified Supervisory Appointed by SEIU 721

 2019/2021 (First Term)

Denise Marrin

Classified Staff Appointed by AFT

 2018/2020 (Third Term)

Russell Miller

Classified Staff Appointed by Trades

 2019/2021 (ThirdTerm)


Recorder: Monthly rotation among voting members


Resources to Facilities Planning Committee

Mark Henderson

Regional Manager, College Technology Services

Rick Darling

College Project Team