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Department Chair's Message:

Welcome to the Los Angeles Mission College (LAMC) website for Global Languages and Society. This department includes the disciplines of English as a Second Language (ESL, credit and non-credit), Foreign Languages, Linguistics, and Sociology. 

Currently, LAMC is offering courses online in order to keep students and faculty safe from COVID 19. Please explore our department's website, and please contact us if you have any questions. We hope that you will join us soon!


L. Jacob Skelton
Department Chair
Los Angeles Mission College

424-256-5211 (Remote Office Phone)

For more details about credit and non-credit ESL, please read the program descriptions below. 

NEW ESL STUDENTS: For placement into credit or non-credit ESL, new students should contact the Department Chair, Jacob Skelton, or the Department Secretary, Richard Lam, for an appointment. 

ESL Non-Credit

I want to…
  • study basic to intermediate ESL.
  • use English in my community.
  • study for the USCIS Citizenship Exam.
  • learn ESL for personal development.
  • get an entry-level job in English.
Click here for more information about the ESL Non-Credit Program.

Phone: 818-364-7774

ESL Credit

I want to…
  • study intermediate to advanced ESL.
  • use English for academic purposes.
  • get a certificate or degree at LAMC.
  • transfer to a university.
  • get a professional-level job in English.
Click here for more information about the ESL Credit Program.

Phone: (818) 364-7722

Contact Us

Department Chair
E.S.L. Faculty

Jacob Skelton

Office #: 818-364-7678

Remote #: 424-256-5211

E.S.L. Faculty

Michael Climo


Department Vice Chair
Spanish Faculty

Mario Escobar



Richard Lam


Sociology Faculty

Myriam Levy


E.S.L. Faculty

Cindy Luis


E.S.L. Faculty

Riye Park


E.S.L. Faculty

Gary Prostak