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Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee : Submission Deadlines

Submission Deadlines

Curriculum Committee
Course Outline of Record (COR) Deadline Dates for Fall 2018

COR approved by Dept Chair and Area Dean, and received by Curriculum Secretary*
COR review by AO/SLO/Library + Tech Review + Vice President of Academic Affairs + Academic Deans Completed by
COR with Originator for Corrections (Monday to Friday noon) COR to be placed on next agenda due back to Chair (Friday at noon) Agenda Posted,
COR Open for Committee Comments (Monday to Thursday)
COR with Originator for Edits to Committee Comments (Friday to Monday) COR on agenda for Meeting (Tuesday)
May 31 Aug 31 Sept 3-7 Sept 7 Sept 10-13 Sept 14-17 Sept 18
Sept 5 Sept 14 Sept 17-21 Sept 21 Sept 24-27 Sept 28-Oct 1 Oct 2
Sept 19 Sept 28 Oct 1-5 Oct 5 Oct 8-11 Oct 12-15 Oct 16
Oct 10 Oct 19 Oct 22-26 Oct 26 Oct 29 -
Nov 1
Nov 2-5 Nov 6
Oct 24 Nov 2 Nov 5-9 Nov 9 Nov 12-15 Nov 16-19 Nov 20
Nov 7 Nov 16 Nov 19-23 Nov 23 Nov 26-29 Nov 30 -   Dec 3 Dec 4

  • Updates to currently approved courses (and programs) must be approved by the Curriculum Committee by the end of the fall 2018 semester to guarantee inclusion on the 2019-2020 Catalog
  • New courses (and programs) must be approved by the Curriculum Committee by the end of the spring 2019 semester to guarantee inclusion on the 2020-2021 Catalog
  • BOT agenda deadlines are available here: E-Posting Schedule (2018-2019)
*When an originator submits a COR through ECD, it is first routed to the department chair. Pending approvals, it is then routed to the area dean and finally the Curriculum Secretary, who logs the course on an activity log. Once the course is entered on the Curriculum log, the COR is considered “submitted” to Curriculum.