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Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee : Membership


Curriculum Committee
Member Position/Constituent Term
Voting Members
Dennis Solares Adult Basic Education                                              2018-2020
Joshua Wentz Arts, Media & Performance 2018-2020
Vacant Business & Law 2018-2020
John Morales Chicano Studies                                                             2018-2020
Patricia Rodriguez Child and Family Studies 2018-2020
Elizabeth Atondo Counseling & Articulation Officer 2016-2018
Karen Crozer English, Journalism & Communication Studies 2018-2020
Mike Climo ESL, Dev Com, Foreign Languages & Linguistics 2018-2020
Steve Ruys Health, Kinesiology, Dance & Athletics  2018-2020
Sheila MacDowell Library 2017-2019
Mike Reynolds Life Sciences 2018-2020
Tigran Mkrtchyan Math, Computer Science & Engineering 2018-2020
Gayane Godjoian Physical Sciences 2017-2019
Louis Zandalasini Professional Studies 2018-2020
Christine Kourinian SLO Coordinator 2017-2019
Mark Pursley Social Sciences 2018-2020
Steven Nerud Member-at-Large (AFT appointed) 2018-2020
Par Mohammadian Member-at-Large (Senate appointed) 2017-2019
Tom Folland Member-at-Large (Senate appointed) 2018-2020
Non-Voting Members
Darlene Montes Curriculum Dean  
Rita Grigoryan Curriculum Chair (tie breaker in the event of a tie) 2018-2020
Resources to Curriculum
Trina Drueco Administrative Assistant  
Susan Ghirardelli Curriculum Secretary  
Dennis Schroeder Financial Aid Representative  
Marisol Velazquez Financial Aid Representative