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Business : Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Business, Management, Marketing, Finance and Accounting Courses




Accounting 1

Introductory Accounting

5 Units

The student will learn basic accounting theory and procedures.   Student will prepare books of original entry and post to general and   subsidiary ledgers.

Accounting 2

Introductory Accounting II

5 Units

Application of basic accounting principles to   specialized business operations and organizations including partnerships,   corporations and organizations, branch offices and manufacturing enterprises.  

Accounting 15

Tax Accounting

3 Units

A study of Federal and California State Income Taxes   as they apply to individuals and sole proprietorships and an analysis of   laws, consideration of appropriate accounting procedures, and preparation of   reports and returns.

Finance 1

Principles of Finance

2 Units

This course is designed to cover the markets in which funds   are traded, the financial institutions that participate in and aid the flow   of funds, and the principles of financial management that guide the   participants in making sound decisions.

Finance 8

Personal Finance & Investments

3 Units

Helps the individual manage, optimize and preserve   personal income, expenditure and investments.

Business 1

Introduction to Business

3 Units

The student will learn the various forms of business   organizations. Other topics covered include management, organization,   financing, marketing and the risks involved in business and with government’s   role in business.

Business 5

Business law 1

3 Units

This course is a study of the fundamental principles   of law as they apply in the business world. The course examines legal rights   and remedies, business torts and crimes, contracts, agency, employment, and   negotiable instruments.

Business 172

Global Business


An overview of the key issues and emerging trends of   the global business environment, national business environment, international   trade and investment, international financial systems, and international   business management. The challenges of   globalization in business and how to successfully combat them are explored. 

Business 174



Introduces students to the tasks, strategies, and skills of effective leadership. Course activities will move students from theory to the practical processes of leadership, and will focus on the most important skills necessary to succeed in any professional environment—leading people, inspiring commitment, and managing change. Students will explore the latest in leadership theory as well as develop their own leadership style and competencies.

Management 2

Organization & Management Theory

3 Units

This is a beginning course in   theory and practice of management organization. It gives a realistic account   of what managers actually do and what they face.

Management 13

Small Business Management


This course presents a systematic approach to startup and   management of small business operations.

Management 31

Human Relations

3 Units

Demonstrates the practical application of basic psychology in   planning, conducting and evaluating conferences and interviews.

Management 33

Human Resources Management

3 Units

This course is designed for all those interested in   people working within organizations. The role of human resources is examined.

Marketing 1

Principles of selling

3 Units

Emphasizes how to structure a complete professional   sales presentation in the proper psychological sequence for maximum   motivation appeal.

Marketing 21

Principles of Marketing

3 Units

A course designed to   provide the student with a lively and comprehensive introduction to concepts   and principles of marketing from a marketing manager perspective.

Marketing 22

Green Marketing

3 units

Analyzes emerging green marketing trends with an overview of   key issues and challenges involved in sustainable marketing that relate to   product development, product life cycle, marketing strategies, channels,   communications and practices within the context of corporate social   responsibility and environmental sustainability.