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Academic Senate

Academic Senate

Senate Documents

Senate Bylaws - Fall 2019
Senate Constitution - Fall 2019
Governance Agreement - Spring 2018
Academic Rank
Academic Rank Policy - Spring 2019


Advanced Courses
Policy, Process and Form - Spring 2019


Brown Act Related Documents

Additional Resources by Dimitrios Synodinos, LATTC
Robert's Rules of Order - PPT by Karen Crozer, Ph.D. - Robert's Rules Cheat Sheet

Department Modifications

Faculty Initiated - Fall 2019
Administratively Initiated - Fall 2019

Elections Committee Documents

Elections Committe Charter

Faculty Ethics Statement

Faculty Ethics Statement

Hiring Guidelines
Certificated Hiring Policy​ - Spring 2019

District Academic Senate Adjunct Hiring Policy
Adjunct Hiring Recruitment and Minimum Qualifications Clearance
Adjunct Announcement Template

Professional Growth Committee

Conference Attendance/Tuition Reimbursement 

Program Viability Review Committee (PVRC) Documents

Program Viability Charter
Program Modification Guidelines
Program Discontinuance Guidelines
Agendas and Minutes

Past Flex Day Agendas

2020 Flex Days Agenda
2019 Flex Day Agenda


Committee Appointments

2020 Senate Appointments
2019 Senate Appointments


Syllabus Redesign - Flex Day - Fall 2018

Syllabus Redesign PPT - by Bamdad Samii

The below examples are intended as visual and content ideas. Example content may not meet department, college or Board Rule Requirements. See your department chair for syllabus guidelines.

Example #1 History
Example #2 English
Example #3 Composition
Example #4 Biology
Example #5 Math
Example #6 Finance             


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