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Guided Pathways

The Guided Pathways Steering Committee (GPSC) is a standing committee of the Academic Senate. The GPSC will be responsible for developing the framework needed to support all elements of Guided Pathways, including the development, submission, and implementation of the Work Plan.

The Guided Pathways framework will include matters related to the Work Plan as well as:

1) the organization of areas of career and academic pathways and course mapping that reflect curriculum, including degree and certificate requirements as well as continuing education;
2) activities regarding student preparation and success, including student learning outcomes and AB 705 compliance;
3) professional development activities;
4) institutional planning and budget development;
5) other academic and professional matters.
 Voting Members  
Senate President, Co‐Chair Deborah Paulsen
Vice President of Academic Affairs, Co‐Chair Nicole Albo-Lopez
Counseling Chair Michong Park
Curriculum Chair Rita Grigoryan
Career Counselor Claudia Ramirez-Yaglian
Department Chair Representative Gary Prostak
Facilitator Jacob Skelton
Facilitator Carole Akl
Life Long Learner Representative Steve Ruys
Non‐Credit/Continuing Education Rep. Dennis Solares
Student Success Coordinator Diana Bonilla
Vice President of Student Services Larry Resendez
Dean of Workforce Development Marla Uliana
Dean of Student Services (DSPS) Vacant
ASO Representative Briana Garnica
Classified Staff Member Nune Mikayelyan
Resource Members  
Articulation Officer Elizabeth Atondo
Library Representative Esmeralda Montes
Transfer Counselor Tashini Walker
SLO Coordinator Christine Kourinian
Professional Development Coordinator Bamdad Samii
LRC Director Albert Ybarra
Guided Pathways Peer Coaches Jose Maldonado
Life Longer Learner Representative Marie Zaiens
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness Sarah Master
Dean of Student Success Carlos Gonzalez
Curriculum Dean Darlene Montes
Dual Enrollment Dean Darlene Montes
IT Manager Rodrigo Austria
SIS Supervisor from A&R Martha Rios
Financial Aid Director Dennis Schroeder

Terms are for two years, except as defined by campus role.

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