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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, The ASO & LACCD Student Trustee Elections will be online from Monday, May 11 to Friday, May 15, 2020.

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Associated Student Organization

Spring 2020
ASO Meeting
Mondays 2:00 pm 
ASO Conference Room #2- (Former Math Lab)


ASO President: 
Greetings Everyone,

     My name is Briana Garnica and I am your current Associated Student Organization President. To start off I would like to wish everyone a great academic school year and no matter what obstacles are thrown your way continue to pursue an education. A little bit about myself is I am 19 years old, first generation, the eldest of 3, and a female in a traditional Hispanic household. I am a full time student under the LA Promise and wonderful METAS Program taking 19 units this semester. Along with working two part-time jobs, one as a Customer Service Representative/Gift wrapper at Bloomingdales in Sherman Oaks and the other as a Guided Pathways Student Program Assistant at LA Mission College; Making me the first student worker to be hired throughout the district to work on this nationwide project. As of July I now take a seat on Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Youth Council to End Gun Violence in hopes to end the horrifying gun violence that affects our communities. As soon as my term began, I prepared myself to take on any task necessary in order to advocate for you - the student body here at Los Angeles Mission College.

    All this was achieved my first year in community college now getting ready to enter my second year I have noticed multiple things on this campus in which I would like to make an impact on. My first goal is to definitely increase student involvement and participation. How I envision this is to help and support minorities on campus. I want to impact night students who do not get to see a majority of events in which are held throughout the day due to their busy schedules, as well as support the LGBTQ, DACA Recipients, and passed Incarcerated Students in promoting our campus resources to each and every one of them. I also want to create workshops in which will consist of a variety of topics from voter registration, to simple things like meeting your campus administration and staff. Along with my goals for this campus I want all of you, the students of LAMC to reach out to me and tell me what you picture on our campus, I want you to tell me what future students might find necessary from getting the school to provide to you signage, events, or anything in order to better your experience here. Together we can make something happen!

    Just like other students and adults we all face struggles and my way of coping is to be involved in anything and everything along with providing knowledge and helping others. Apart from being extremely involved I enjoy sleeping, painting, watching Netflix, and spending time with loved ones. I am extremely motivated by my love of helping others, learning, and succeeding as I strive to be a very inspiring peer for you all.

    I want to be able to tell other students that your community college experience is what you make out of it. You can either spend the next 5 years hearing lectures, completely dreading them or being involved and improving not only your mental health but serve as motivation to our peers and community.

    Hello my name is Briana Garnica and once again I am YOUR Student Body President. My office is open to everyone located on the lower level of the Campus Center inside the ASO student computer lab.
ASO Vice President: 


What is ASO?

The Associated Student Organization was established to provide students the opportunity for participation in student leadership and the development of skills in this area. The objectives of the ASO are: to advocate for the rights and needs of all LAMC students and to address any concerns and/or issues thereof; to support, raise awareness of, and promote cultural sensitivity and diversity; and to promote educational opportunities contributive to a successful college experience (student services, educational events, and other beneficial programs). The ASO votes on issues relating to Los Angeles Mission College and the student body.

When & where we meet?

ASO meets on a weekly basis and is determined by the current  ASO council. Date and Time is also decided by the current ASO council. 

Who can join?

  • Beginning Fall 2019, the A.S.O fee will be $10.00 for Fall and Spring semester
  • A.S.O Fee will be $3.00 for Summer and Winter

ASO Member Benefits

  • Free Scantrons
  • Free Printing (10 per day) (See how to print)
  • LAMC Folder
  • Free Pencil or Pen
  • Internet Access
  • ASO T-Shirt
  • Free ASO Events
  • Join a School Club
  • Charter a School Club
  • Eligibility To Run For Office*

Contact Us

Campus Center (lower level)

(818) 364-7600 ext 7124

Briana Garnica  
ASO President | pronouns: She/her/hers
(818) 364-7764

Robert Crossley
ASO Advisor | pronouns: he/him/his
(818) 364-7820